Articles & Reviews

January 20, 2014

My apology for a lack of links to the following articles. Unfortunately the on-line magazine where they were published was hacked and had to be taken down. Jill Crossland, the editor, is currently creating a new magazine and articles will be available once that is live.


  • Communication Effectiveness
  • How Magic Happens: Team Commitment Makes Light Work
  • Social Media, Changing Our Relationships
  • Let’s Chat, Twitter Style
  • You Have to Earn Customer Loyalty
  • The Many Things That Fill Our Lives
  • Mindfulness & Your Next Cup of Coffee
  • Don’t Limit Your Impact – Commit
  • Collaboration: Empowered by Labouring Together
  • Rabbit Trails & Spring Cleaning
  • Blind Trust
  • It’s In the Details


  • A Woman of Confidence
  • Stuck? Why Stay There?
  • A Woman for All Seasons
  • Embracing Change
  • ‘Tis the Season for Guests
  • 10.11.12
  • Past, Present, Future
  • Close Your Eyes & Imagine


  • Guest Book Review: 13 Ways to Kill Your Community
  • Documentary Review: Miss Representation


  • Finding Myself in Brasil
  • Strong Women, Strong Canada, Better World
  • The Unshackled Tour
  • Connecting: In Time & Space