Why Us


Mountain Lion Leadership is a company with energy and experience. Founder, Marcy Field knew that the Mountain Lion embodied everything she believes in both personally and professionally. It is a creature known for leadership balanced with intention, strength and responsibility. These elements are woven into the seminars, workshops, keynotes and consultations that this diverse company can provide for your business, non-profit or organization.

As the Mountain Lion mirrors the ability to cut to the heart of an issue and take incisive action, Marcy  also helps to align the goals of her individual clients and solo entrepreneurs. The Mountain Lion energy cannot be caged; it uses not only strength but cunning to navigate through varying environments with grace and agility.  Marcy assists clients in learning the importance of balance and risk taking in order to reach new heights and acquire fresh perspectives.

Marcy founded Mountain Lion Leadership in 2003. This consulting and training company focuses on leadership development. To enhance the capacity to lead oneself, other individuals, groups and organizations is the company’s mission.

Marcy is an articulate communicator with exceptional interpersonal skills. Her professional background includes over twenty years in management and consulting roles.

Mountain Lion Leadership workshops have included:

  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Building Community: Working Together
  • Crafting Effective Meetings
  • Communication is Key
  • NonVerbal Communication
  • Social Styles
  • Finders & Keepers: Employee Recruitment Strategies
  • Beyond Pay and Benefits: Employee Retention Strategies
  • Skills by Design: Employee Development Strategies
  • Better Business, Better Balance: Employee Work-Life Balance Strategies

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